Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PART 4: Landfall Photos - Off the reef, Onto beach

19 June, 07 – 14.35 GMT    

Continued from the previous page.

Photo 1: OFF THE REEF: Pulling on just the starboard oar to turn it away from other rocks.

Photo 2: JABBERWOCK BEACH: Finally got the boat off the reef and towards a patch of beautiful white sand inbetween the corral reef.

Photo 3: TOUCHDOWN: Hard to stand up. Hurting from stomach cramps from working just one side of the body to escape the reef. Trying to walk. Jonathan from ABSAR - welcomes me on shore.
(For assistance with co-ordinating my arrival, many thanks to Maurice Merchant - Office of the Prime Minister, Antigua and; Barbuda, Jonathan - ABSAR,HeadofChancery, Guyana and; Embassy, Sweden, A.Kelkar, S. Ambani, V. Tewani, Captain Nicholas, Commanding Officer, Antigua and; Barbuda Coast Guard. Photos taken by Ted Martin, Antigua.)
My contacts in Antigua:
OR at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina and; Resort
Land: +1268 460 1544 , Room 25.
Mobile: +1268 772 9605.
(or + 268 772 9605 from the US)

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